1Y1-A25 Beta Exam Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution

The 1Y1-A25 exam certifies that successful candidates have the knowledge and skills necessary to interpret and fine tune the design for a Citrix virtualization solution; manage an implementation project plan; and build, roll out and document the setup of a Citrix virtualization solution.

Number of Items

The 1Y0-A25 beta exam is a 107-item exam written in English. The exam consists of 100 multiple choice items and seven (7) simulation items. Some of the items on the exam are unscored, and as such, they will not be used to determine a candidate’s exam score.
Scoring will work as follows:
 If a scored item is skipped or left blank, candidates will receive zero (0) points for the item.
 If an unscored item is skipped or left blank, the candidate’s final score will not be affected by this item.

Passing Score

The passing score for this exam is 58% and is based on the analysis of ratings provided by subject matter experts (SMEs) during a standard setting process which was led by a psychometrician. In order to pass the beta exam, a candidate must obtain a score of 58% on the scored items in the exam.