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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-T26
Exam Name: Servicing HP BladeSystem Solutions

Which memory configuration types are supported in the Gen8 ProLiant Blade servers? (Select two.)

A.    DDR2

Answer: DE

Your customer has a business critical HP BladeSystem enclosure and wants to protect it with additional service coverage. The company’s requirements are 24×7 and functionality must be restored within a defined time.
Which HP Service offering is needed to fulfill the customer’s requirements?

A.    HP Critical Advantage L3
B.    HP Proactive Select 30 Credit
C.    HP 6 hour Hardware Support Onsite Call-to-Repair Service
D.    HP 24×7 hour Response, Hardware Support Onsite Service

Answer: A

After replacement of a BL460c G7 system board, the server is unable to connect to an external shared storage through the SAS interface. Other similar servers in the same enclosure are in working condition.
What should you check to verify that the physical hardware connectivity is connected?

A.    blade server port mapping for theIOmodule connectivity to the interconnect module
B.    ACU of the server blade for storage status
C.    external storage power status
D.    blade server iLO for hardware information detected by the management processor

Answer: A

You installed an FC HBA in mezzanine slot 2 of a BL460c G6 in a c7000 enclosure. In which interconnect bays should the FC interconnect be installed?

A.    1 and 2
B.    3 and 4
C.    5 and 6
D.    7 and 8

Answer: B

How many half-height blades can you install in the enclosure shown?


A.    2
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: A

Where can you verify the status of an external DVD-ROM drive in a c7000 enclosure?

A.    Active Health Log
B.    Virtual SAS Manager
C.    Integrated Management Log
D.    Insight Display

Answer: D

You are installing a new HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosure. The customer wants to configure the iLO and interconnect IPs so that they are automatically maintained during a hardware swap.
How should you configure the enclosure?

A.    Use the Insight Display fixed IP feature.
B.    Use Enclosure-Based IP Addressing.
C.    Use Insight Control Server Deployment to configure the enclosure.
D.    Configure the IP on each device and enable enclosure IP mode.

Answer: B

A customer is installing a new drive in a BL460c Gen8. None of the LEDs on the drive are lit. What is a possible cause?

A.    The customer used a third party drive.
B.    Dynamic Power Saving disables LEDs.
C.    The backplane port is disabled in system ROM.
D.    There is no activity on the drive.

Answer: D

What should you use to check the overall health status of all the BL460c Gen8 servers you recently installed in a c7000 enclosure?

A.    Power Manager
B.    Array Configuration Utility
C.    Onboard Administrator
D.    Insight Control Server Deployment

Answer: D

Which step must be done after the system board is replaced on a BL460C G6?

A.    Re-enter the serial number.
B.    Clear NVRAM.
C.    Enable ASR.
D.    Reconfigure array.

Answer: A

A customer has a c7000 enclosure that is fully populated with BL680c blades. Two months after the initial installation, the rack initiates a thermal shutdown. When diagnosing the problem, you find there is not enough space to get behind the unit. You pull all the units out but find no problems with the chassis, blades, or their cooling systems.
What is a potential cause for the thermal shutdown?

A.    The rack is too close to the cold air outlet. The hot air area is too large, and the cooling system is
unable to recirculate the hot air effectively.
B.    The blade enclosure’s fan system is not strong enough to remove the thermal heat generated in a
fully populated enclosure.
C.    The cooling system temperature in the data center is set too low This results in the enclosure cooling
fan system rotating at a lower RPM and not removing enough of the thermal heat.
D.    There is insufficient air circulation causing hot air from the rear of rack to be fed back to the equipment
through the front of the rack.

Answer: D

You need to capture the configuration and support dump of several Virtual Connect domains. Which tool can be used to perform this action from a central system?

A.    Insight Control
B.    Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager
C.    Virtual Connect Support Utility
D.    Systems Insight Manager

Answer: BC

How does humidity affect a data center? (Select two.)

A.    The potential for condensation increases when humidity increases.
B.    When humidity decreases within the data center, flexible joints become fragile.
C.    When humidity increases, the potential for ESD increases.
D.    The potential for condensation decreases when humidity decreases.
E.    When humidity increases within the data center, flexible joints become fragile.
F.    When humidity decreases, the potential for ESD increases.

Answer: AC

Both the c3000 and c7000 chassis have a capacity for a maximum of six power supplies. Which feature does the c3000 have that differentiates it?

A.    2400W power supplies
B.    12 v DC output
C.    200-240VAC
D.    1200W power supplies

Answer: B

After executing a troubleshooting plan, which tools may provide indications of a successful remedy in step 5 of the 6-step HP Troubleshooting Methodology? (Select two.)

A.    HP Screwdriver Toolkit
B.    Integrated Management Log (IML)
C.    MSDN Toolkit
E.    OS Event Log

Answer: BE

Step 5 of the 6-Step HP Troubleshooting Methodology requires verification that the repair was successful. Which authorized tool provides this information for ProLiant servers?

A.    HP ProLiant Support Pack (PSP)
B.    HP SUM
C.    HP ServicePack for ProLiants (SPP)
D.    HP Offline Diagnostics Utility

Answer: D

What should you do to replace a defective Standby Onboard Administrator (OA) in a c7000 enclosure?

A.    Move the Active OA to Standby bay, then replace the OA.
B.    Replace the Standby OA after all server blades are powered off.
C.    Replace the Standby OA only while the enclosure is powered off.
D.    Replace the Standby OA while the enclosure is powered on.

Answer: D

A customer is experiencing intermittent storage connectivity issues in their BladeSystem environment. After collecting the log files from the external storage system and the interconnects, you suspect the problem is in the Onboard Administrator configuration. Which step should you take next in the troubleshooting process?

A.    Reset the Onboard Administrator to factory defaults.
B.    Develop an optimized action plan.
C.    Escalate the problem.
D.    Run the First Time Setup Wizard.

Answer: B

A system engineer wants to replace the c3000 BladeSystem Insight Display. What must be done before the engineer can remove it? (Select two.)

A.    The server blade must be removed from the bay.
B.    Onboard Administrator link module must be removed.
C.    The Insight Display data cable must be disconnected.
D.    The Onboard Administrator tray must be removed.
E.    The enclosure cover to access Insight Display must be removed.

Answer: CD

You want to connect to a ProLiant Server Blade that has the iLO port available. What must you do to connect a laptop for a direct connection to the Onboard Administrator?

A.    Connect a hub/switch between the laptop and the ProLiant Server Blade iLO port.
B.    Use a CAT 5 cross-over cable.
C.    Use a standard CAT 5 cable.
D.    Use a CAT 5e cable.

Answer: C

Which CLI commands can be used to determine if networking has been configured properly in Windows? (Select two.)

A.    netconfig
B.    netstat
C.    ipstat
D.    ipconfig
E.    ifconfig

Answer: BD

What happens during a Virtual Connect configuration restore?

A.    The configuration restores without causing any service interruption to the server blades.
B.    There is service interruption during the restore of the configuration.
C.    A reboot of the entire enclosure is required for the new configuration to take effect.
D.    A reboot of the Onboard Administrator is required in order to re-establish communication to the
Virtual Connect module.

Answer: C

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