2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Oracle 1Z0-591 Exam Questions

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-591
Exam Name: Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials

Which option is used to enter the rank function when creating a new rank measure?

A.    Initialization Block
B.    Expression Builder
C.    Connection Pool
D.    Web Catalog

Answer: B


Query limits tab can be accessed through________.

A.    Security Manager, Query tab, Application role dialog box, Permissions
B.    Security Manager, Application Roles tab, Query dialog box, Permissions
C.    Security Manager, Application Roles tab, Application role dialog box, Permissions
D.    Security Manager, Application Roles tab, Application role dialog box, Query Properties

Answer: C

One of the most common uses of Dynamic Repository Variables is to setup filters for use in reporting. Which variable below is a valid example of a Dynamic Repository Variable?

A.    Year
B.    Month
C.    Quarter
D.    CurrentMonth

Answer: D

WLS Embedded LDAP Server is managed by the Admin Server Console and supports which three options?

A.    Creating and Maintaining Users
B.    Authentication and Authorization
C.    Basic Directory for storing user details
D.    Subject area and row-level security, connection pool passwords
E.    Application of SessionVariables as Data Filters

Answer: ACD

Point-and-click generation of case statement logic can be accessed via which option?

A.    Column Formula-> Bins tab
B.    Compound Layout
C.    Column Properties -> Conditional Format tab
D.    Advanced Tab
E.    Subject Area metrics

Answer: A

Which task can be performed after the Administrator link has been reached through logging into OBIEE?

A.    Associate map layers to columns
B.    Manage access to Subject Areas
C.    SSO enablement
D.    Start or Stop BI Managed Servers

Answer: BCD

Which three techniques are applied to support Failover?

A.    WebLogic Clustering
B.    Universal Installer > Scale Out BI System option
C.    OBIEE Clustering
D.    Vertical Scaleout

Answer: ABC

The Oracle BI office plug-in allows you to import the results of an OBI request into which two MS applications?

A.    MS Visio
B.    MS Excel
C.    MS Project
D.    MS Word

Answer: BD

A user’s BI Home page provides one-click access to which three options?

A.    Create new content
B.    Oracle BI online documentation
C.    Catalog search functionality
D.    Dashboard layout editor
E.    Business model metadata

Answer: ABC

A customer needs to have a calculation done prior to aggregating the data. How would you accomplish this?

A.    By creating a derived measure by using the Logical Columns available
B.    By creating a derived measure in the Column Mapping dialog box byusing the physical tablecolumns.
C.    By creating a derived measure by using LogicColumnsavailable andchanging theaggregationtype
D.    By creating a derived metricby using the Expression Builder
E.    By creatinga derived metricby using the Calculation Wizard

Answer: C

Which resource identifies the OBIEE Web Catalog (webcat)?

A.    instanceconfig.xml
B.    RCU Schema
C.    Identity Store
D.    nqsconfig.ini
E.    Admin Server

Answer: CE

The ODBC DSN is never used for _______.

A.    Initial import of the physical layer metadata on a Windows server
B.    Query execution and data access on a Windows server
C.    Initial import of the physical layer metadata, query execution, and data access on a Windows Server
D.    Changing passwords
E.    Comparing RPDs

Answer: E

Identify the reason why Oracle OLAP provides a favorable aggregation strategy.

A.    OLAP cubes eliminate the need for a large number of aggregate tables.
B.    OLAP cubes are stored outside of the database in highly optimized file structures.
C.    OLAP cubes can be easily transported from database to database.
D.    OLAP cubes can be queried by using SQL.

Answer: D

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