2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass HP HP2-E46 Dumps

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-E46
Exam Name: Selling HP Volume Services Portfolio

How does the HP ServiceOne program "Expand" the opportunities for HP’s resellers?

A.    by simplifying the relationship with HP software partners
B.    by differentiating the reseller relationships with 3rd party hardware vendors
C.    by enhancing their delivery capabilities
D.    by rewarding resellers with 3rd party software pricing

Answer: C

The HP ServiceONE program "differentiates" the relationship with resellers by providing preferential access to what?

A.    HP’s hardware products
B.    HP’s intellectual property and tools
C.    HP’s outsourcing services
D.    3rd party hardware vendor services

Answer: B

What are the three elements of the HP ServiceONE specialization?

A.    Lifecycle Partner Focus, Lifecycle Customer Focus, and Differentiated Market
B.    Product Expertise, Customer Knowledge, and Customer Relationship
C.    Technology Focus, Rewards Focus, and Business Focus
D.    Lifecycle Sales, Lifecycle Delivery, and Differentiated Relationship

Answer: D

Why should an organization invest in the "Instant-on Enterprise?"

A.    to integrate and automate their business
B.    to create a technology-centric IT architecture
C.    to introduce tablet PCs into their organization
D.    to adopt a distributed server architecture

Answer: A

What are the key metrics that determine which reward curve partners will occupy as part of the HP ServiceONE More-for-More Rewards program? (Select two.)

A.    Total Opportunity Performance
B.    Total Operating Profit
C.    Total Penetration Rate
D.    Total Operating Performance
E.    Total HP Services Performance of the Partner

Answer: CD

When you are at the Think and Design phases of the Solution Lifecycle, what type of services package might you recommend?

A.    HP Contract Services
B.    HP Installation Services
C.    HP 3rd party support services
D.    HP Professional Services

Answer: D

Which ratio is calculated to determine a partner’s penetration rate?

A.    a partner’s total sales to the market average
B.    a partner’s hardware sales to their service sales
C.    a partner’s HP Care Pack sales to their total services business
D.    a partner’s HP Care Pack services sales to their total HP hardware business

Answer: D

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