2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass SAP C_TFIN22_64 Practice Tests (41-50)

How does material costing support semi-finished and finished materials that are valuated in stock with consistent valuation strategies per company code?

A.    Costing runs to update the standard prices have to run generally under observation of an external auditor.
B.    You are only allowed to use one single costing variant to update standard prices per period and company code.
C.    You are only allowed to use iterative activity prices in material cost estimates which update standard prices.
D.    You are only allowed to use material cost estimates with quantity structure to update standard prices.

Answer: B

Which data can be saved when storing a material cost estimate with quantity structure? Note:
There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A.    Log
B.    Cost components split
C.    Extract
D.    Itemization
E.    Variance categories

Answer: ABD

The local currency it is defined at the time the: One or more is correct.

A.    Company code is created.
B.    Chart or account is created.
C.    Document header.
D.    Document is posting.

Answer: A

Settings for payment program are defined in

A.    at time of posting invoice-line item level
B.    vendor master record
C.    customizing for payment program

Answer: ABC

Steps for executing validations or substitutions

A.    callup point
B.    allocation
C.    definition
D.    application area
E.    activation

Answer: ABCDE

What is the segment that makes complete both customer and vendor accounts (Please choose the correct sentence)?

A.    Client.
B.    Company Code.
C.    Controlling Area.
D.    Sales Area.
E.    Purchasing Organization.

Answer: B

A customer wants to allocate the over absorption/under absorption of cost centers source related to receiver. What is the most accurate allocation rule?

A.    Assessment of fixed portions based on any value field of the market segments.
B.    Assessment of posted amounts based on any value field of the market segments.
C.    Assessment of posted amounts based on any derivation rule of characteristics.
D.    Assessment of fixed portions based on statistical key figures of the market segment.

Answer: B

Which information is transferred when you settle an Internal Order to costing-based CO-PA?

A.    Cost component split of the order cost.
B.    Characteristic values of the settlement rule.
C.    Variance categories of the internal order.
D.    All information of the internal order master data.

Answer: B

For which of the following postings to costing-based profitability analysis can you carry out a valuation? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    For transfer cost center cost by assessment.
B.    For transfer of billing documents.
C.    For incoming sales orders.
D.    For activity allocation.

Answer: BC

Which of the following do you define in the general data selection of a Report Painter report?

A.    Parameters valid for all rows and columns.
B.    Parameters for the report to report interface.
C.    Default values for the definition of rows and columns.
D.    User, date, and time of report creation.

Answer: A

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