2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass SAP C_TFIN22_64 Practice Tests (51-60)

Which of the following do you define in a library of the Report Painter?

A.    Report groups and reports.
B.    Formats and format figures.
C.    Predefined columns and rows.
D.    Characteristics and key figures.

Answer: D

What is a report group in Report Painter required for?

A.    To add a report as a sub folder in the Easy Access Menu.
B.    To run reports in costing based profitability analysis.
C.    To serve as a template for the creation of new Report Painter reports.
D.    To assign further reports via the report/report interface.

Answer: D

What is the advantage of using a key figure scheme in drilldown reports in profitability analysis?

A.    The key figure scheme allows the calculating of lines with subtotals in a drill down report.
B.    A key figure scheme allows for simultaneous access to different databases.
C.    The key figure scheme allows quick access to predefined key figures in the database.
D.    A key figure scheme improves the runtime of the drilldown report.

Answer: A

Why should you use extracts in Report Painter reports?

A.    To reduce runtime.
B.    For automatic data aggregation.
C.    To reduce use of space in the database.
D.    For automatic updates when new postings are added.

Answer: A

The customer requires a flexible selection of cost elements when starting a Report Painter report.
How do you define the report?

A.    Using a row model with predefined key figures.
B.    Using a variable for the cost element group.
C.    Using a predefined report template.
D.    Using a variable for the report variant.

Answer: B

Why do you use variants in reporting? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    To specify parameter values for background processing.
B.    To optimize the runtime of a report.
C.    To predefine values for complex selection screens.
D.    To permit quick navigation between CO objects.

Answer: AC

Which of the following is the typical sequence of steps in an ASAP roadmap?

A.    Business blueprint -> Project preparation -> Final preparation -> Realization -> Go-live and support
B.    Project preparation -> Final preparation -> Business blueprint -> Realization -> Go-live and support
C.    Project preparation -> Business blueprint -> Realization -> Final preparation -> Go-live and support
D.    Project preparation -> Realization -> Business blueprint -> Final preparation -> Go-live and support

Answer: C

Which of the following are the usage scenarios for Solution Manager? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A.    Implementation
B.    Optimization
C.    Retirement
D.    Operations
E.    Validation

Answer: ABD

What does the SAP Web AS provide?

A.    Real-time data exchange with all SAP systems.
B.    Master data harmonization cross SAP NetWeaver.
C.    J2EE and ABAP in a single environment.
D.    Storage of all transactional documents in one single database.

Answer: C

Which of the following is a typical sequence of steps in a Purchase to Pay process?

A.    Purchase requisition -> Purchase order -> Goods receipt -> Invoice verification Payment
B.    Purchase requisition -> Goods issue -> Purchase verification -> Invoice receipts Payment
C.    Purchase requisition -> Goods verification -> Purchase receipts -> Invoice receipts Payment
D.    Purchase order -> Purchase requisition -> Goods receipt -> Invoice verification Payment

Answer: A

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