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You want to perform a multiple linear regression on your data. Which of the following do you use?

A.    SAPUI5 runtime library
B.    RODBC library
C.    SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library
D.    SAP HANA Business Function Library

Answer: C

You have an SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) on SAP HANA system installed on multiple nodes.
Which of the following information objects are stored on the master node?

A.    SAP NetWeaver BW master data tables
B.    DataStore Objects (DSOs)
C.    ABAP system tables
D.    Persistent Staging Area (PSA) tables

Answer: C

You have created SAP HANA information models from replicated SAP ECC data.
How can you compare the data of the replicated tables with the underlying ECC source data?

A.    Use the SAP ERP Data Browser (transaction SE16).
B.    Use the Catalog node to open table contents.
C.    Use transaction IUUC_REPL_CONTENT.
D.    Use the Data Provisioning view from the Quick Launch.

Answer: AB

You are running an SAP BusinessObjects WebIntelligence report that fetches data from SAP HANA. Which components will be used inside SAP HANA for providing data to this report?

A.    Persistence Layer
B.    MDX
C.    Session Management
D.    Authorization Manager

Answer: CD

You have set up replication from SAP ERP using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT).
You notice that the information models do not show the latest data from ERP.
What do you check to investigate this?

A.    Activation status of the information models
B.    Transaction SAP ERP Data Modeler (SD11)
C.    Transaction LTR on SLT
D.    Data Provisioning view in SAP HANA studio

Answer: CD

Which data provisioning method can you use to load data from SAP business content DataSources into SAP HANA?

A.    SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
B.    SAP Landscape Directory (SLD)
C.    SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
D.    SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

Answer: CD

Which of the following can you use to implement currency conversion in an information model?

A.    A calculated column in a calculation view
B.    A restricted column in an analytic view
C.    A calculated column in an analytic view
D.    A calculated column in an attribute view

Answer: AC

Which of the following objects would SAP HANA identify as the left object of a join in the graphical calculation view?

A.    The object that has its field identified first in the join output.
B.    The object that is displayed on the left hand side in the join details panel.
C.    The object that is connected to the join node first.
D.    The object that is displayed on the left hand side in the graphical calculation view.

Answer: C

Which of the following steps do you have to execute to import models from one SAP HANA system (system1) to another SAP HANA system (system2)?

A.    Create a delivery unit on system1
B.    Import the models into system2
C.    Create a schema on system2
D.    Create a delivery unit on system2
E.    Export the models from system1

Answer: ABE

What is features available in Project Creation Wizard

A.    New option to auto-share an XS Project to the SAP HANA Repository during the project creation wizard
B.    New option to auto-share an XS Server – side Project to the SAP HANA Repository during the project creation wizard
C.    New option to auto-share an XS client – side Project to the SAP HANA Repository during the project creation wizard
D.    New option to auto-share an XS Server – side secure Project to the SAP HANA Repository during the project creation wizard

Answer: A

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