Free Download Avaya 6002 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (1-10)

When troubleshooting a system fault, if the web interface or SAT are unavailable, which method should be used?

A.    SAL
B.    TTY2
C.    CLI

Answer: C

Which two series support RAID 5 configuration for CM6.0? (Choose two)

A.    S8730 Server with 8 GB RAM
B.    S8800 Server with 12 GB RAM
C.    S8510 Server with 8 GB RAM
D.    S8300D Server with 8 GB RAM

Answer: BC

Hunt group number 99, with group extension 4199, is administered for messaging.
Which command needs to be executed at the SAT terminal to troubleshoot hunt group 99?

A.    Shoe tracelog huntgroup 4199
B.    View logs real time huntgroup 99
C.    Display real time logs hunt group 99
D.    List trace hunt-group 4199

Answer: D

A customer needs to set up SIP integration on Communication Manager Messaging Application 6.0.
What are three pieces of information that are needed to meet this requirement? (Choose three)

A.    Signaling group number
B.    SIP domain
C.    Transport Method
D.    Extension length
E.    Hunt Group number

Answer: BCD

Which three are tests that can be performed to Verify a communication manager Messaging 6.0 application is working properly? (Choose three)

A.    Verify the hunt group status
B.    Check the messaging port status using the display port command
C.    Call the messaging Hunt Group
D.    Check the messaging port status using the status port command
E.    Perform message waiting indication test

Answer: ACE

On a media gateway G450, which slots are permitted for the MM 342?

A.    V1 and V2
B.    V6 and V6
C.    V3 and V8
D.    V5 and V7
Answer: C

A customer is planning to upgrade from CM 5X to CM 6.0 an existing 8510 server.
What is the total minimum memory requirement for this upgrade?

A.    4 GB RAM
B.    8 GB RAM
C.    12 GB RAM
D.    16 GB RAM

Answer: B

Which screen is used while upgrading the system platform from release to release

A.    Communication manager Web interface
B.    Console domain Server Management Path management
C.    Console domain Server Management Platform Upgrade
D.    Console domain Virtual Machine Management

Answer: C

Which three statements about CM_Duplex CM 6.0 are true?

A.    Software duplication is available, but hardware duplication is not available.
B.    The S8510 server is not used for duplication
C.    Server duplication is configured via “Failover” option on CDROMs web interface
D.    S8730 with DAL 2 card does not support server duplication in CM 6.0.
E.    The CM duplex template supports CMM

Answer: ABD

Which gateway command resets the Gateway back to factory default?

A.    Reset
B.    Restart
C.    Softboot
D.    Nvram init

Answer: D

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