Free Download Avaya 6002 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (11-20)

A technician wants to test and see if the voice channel between two IP phones
Which command in site administration terminal (SAT) can be used to determine?

A.    Status station <extension>
B.    Status shuffling <extension>
C.    List station <extension>
D.    Test station <extension>

Answer: A

Which Ethernet port on S8800 server is for server duplication?

A.    ETH0
B.    ETH1
C.    ETH2
D.    ETH3

Answer: D

Which three commands are port of Avaya Aura CM_survRemote_Embed templates? (Choose three)

A.    Utility services
B.    CM 6.0
C.    Session manager
D.    CMM 6.0
E.    AES 6.0

Answer: ABC

A technician is planning to support to upgrade an Avaya communication Manager system to release 6.0 from Release 5.2
Which two tasks must be performed during the upgrade procedure? (Choose two)

A.    The S8700-series servers must be displayed by S8800 servers.
B.    All G350 gateways must replaced by S8800 servers.
C.    The survivable remote servers must be upgraded by Release 6.0
D.    The survivable Remote servers can stay at Release 5.2

Answer: AC

In the navigation pane, what are the steps to create a test mailbox on the Communication manager messaging 6.0 Application?

A.    Select messaging administration, then Subscribe Management, and then click Add or edit.
B.    Select messaging administration, the click new.
C.    Select messaging administration, Select messaging administration, and then click add.
D.    Select Forms control, and then at the command line run then add subscribe command.

Answer: A

When configuring a G450 Media gateway, which two port settings must be set? (Choose two)

A.    FTP Server
B.    100 MB port speed
C.    Auto-negotiation enabled
D.    Full Duplex

Answer: BD

A switch administrator wants to busyout trunk 530for maintenance and administration work however, there is one call active on port 5 of the trunk
Which command should be extended from SAT terminal to find out IP addresses and port of the near-end and far-end node of the auto connection?

A.    Status trunk 53/5
B.    List trace port 53/5
C.    Display trunk 53/5
D.    Display trunk statistics 53/5
E.    Status port 53/5

Answer: A

Which three objects can be downloaded from the product license delivery system (PLDS)? (Choose three)

A.    Authentication file
B.    Patches
C.    Firmware updates
D.    PuTTY
E.    Communication manager templates

Answer: BCE

Which two statements describe the new procedures that a customer can use to directly and permanently turn ON or OFF licensed features in CM 6.0? (Choose two)

A.    Customers can turn features ON or OFF using the change system parameters customer- options command on the system access terminal (SAT).
B.    Customers can turn features ON or OFF using the system management interface features administration page.
C.    Customers can PDLS directly to turn futures ON or OFF and then download and install a new license file with the updated features.
D.    Customers can turn features ON or OFF using the WebLM server and the system platform management Console

Answer: CD

Which statement describes the action to assure the CM_SurvRemoteEmbeded template was installed correctly?

A.    From a browser, using the communication manager IP address, successfully log into the communication manager system management.
B.    From a browser logged into communication Manager, Select administration > server (Maintenance)> server>Process Status. Click on view.
C.    From a browser logged into the system Management console verify cm, bsm, and utility_server and application status is running
D.    When monitoring the template installation workflow status, verify the message. “Wizard completed successfully” displays.

Answer: C

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