Free Download Avaya 6002 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (21-30)

Which three statements about when communication manager release 6.0 is deployed as a feature server are true? (Choose three)

A.    It supports G450/G430 gateways.
B.    It supports Analog trunks.
C.    It supports SIP telephones.
D.    It supports SIP trunks.
E.    It supports Digital trunks.

Answer: ACD

When using the Avaya Site administrator CEDI interface, which command would be used to check the configuration of telephone set with the extension of 1000?

A.    Print station 1000
B.    Display station 1000
C.    Show station 1000
D.    View station 1000

Answer: B

Which three statements are true for a configuration that consists of Duplicated S8800 main servers with a duplicated port network and is a survivable core? (Choose three)

A.    Software duplication exists between the two main S8800 servers.
B.    The two main servers have duplication IPSls
C.    Hardware Duplication exists between the two main S8800 servers.
D.    The main servers share a single control network
E.    All Clam media and Medpro cards must be in a one subnet

Answer: ABE

A technician has installed pair or duplication S8800 servers with IPSI duplication.
Which two procedures indicate that the duplicate IPSIs are both operated? (Choose two)

A.    The enable operation of IPSI Duplication field on the display system-parameter duplication form is set to y.
B.    IPSI circuit packs have been installed slots 1 and 2 carrier A and one of the IPSI LEDs is flashing.
C.    Execution of the test IPserver-interface command for both IPSI circuit packs shows PASS in the result column.
D.    A paring test executed from the servers to the IPSIs and from the IPSIs to the servers returns success for the active IPSI and failure for the standby IPSI.

Answer: AC

What are the recommended CLAN and MEDPRO port settings?

A.    10Mbps half duplex
B.    1000Mbps full duplex
C.    100Mbps full duplex
D.    100Mbps half duplex

Answer: C

Which two statements are true regarding a media gateway full back (recovery) to main (primary) servers? (Choose two)

A.    All active (stable) Ip calls on the media gateway drop when the media gateway falls back from the survivable remote server to the main server.
B.    The list survivable-processor command can be used to confirm that the remote Survivable server is registered to the main server and that the remote survivable server is no longer active.
C.    When the main server recovers it issues registration requests to all the media gateways in the network.
D.    Executing the status media-gateways command from the main server will show which media gateways are registered with the main server.

Answer: BD

To confirm that a survivable server is currently registered to the main CM servers, using the SAT.
Which command should be entered

A.    Status ess clusters
B.    Display survivable-processors
C.    Status ess port-networks
D.    Status survivable-processors

Answer: D

A customer wants to enable audio encryption for Ip phone calls, but the potion is not available on any IP-codec-set.
Which procedure must be followed to obtain this feature?

A.    From the SAT, type change system-parameter customer-options. Find the media Encryption over IP field, and set the option to Y. Save the change
B.    From the SMI Feature administration page, find the media Encryption over IP field Set the option to Y. save the changes
C.    From the system platform WebLM page. Find the media Encryption over IP field set the option to Y. Save the changes.
D.    From the Aura System Manager’s Feature Server Administration page. Find the media encryption over IP field, and set the option to Y. save the changes.

Answer: A

Which statement describes the action to assure the system platform was installed correctly?

A.    From the laptop connected to the network, ping the dom0 IP address and verify a successful response.
B.    Immediately after the installation, verify the DVD is ejected from the drive and that the server reboots.
C.    After connecting the server using PuTTY and logging in as root, verify there are no errors when running the xm list command.
D.    From the system management console browser, verify domain-0 and cdom are running

Answer: C

Which statement is true about duplex servers in CM 6.0?

A.    The survivable remote Duplex template includes branch session ,manager
B.    CM uses the high availability that system platform can now provide
C.    The license for the survivable server is different than the license file of the main server
D.    The main and all survivable servers require an authentication file

Answer: B

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