Free Download Avaya 6002 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (31-40)

System platform web console is used to apply the service pack for which three virtual machines?
(Choose three)

A.    System platform
B.    AES 6.0
C.    Utility Server
D.    Communication Manager 6.0
E.    CMM 6.0

Answer: ACD

Which procedure must be followed while, migrating from CM 5.2.1 (S8800 Server with 2 HDD) to CM 6.0?

A.    Insert 3rd hard drive, run raid CD, and than run raid CD after rebooting.
B.    Take backup, store the backup locally, insert 3rd hard drive, and then run Raid CD after rebooting.
C.    Insert the raid CD, reboot the server, and than take backup.
D.    Insert the hard drive and the 3rd hard drive is incorporated automatically.

Answer: B

Which communication manager 6.0 command is used to add a new survivable

A.    add surviveable-processor
B.    add survivable-processor ess <node-name>
C.    add survivable-processor core
D.    add survivable-processor <node-name>

Answer: D

Which Ethernet port on S8800 server is connected to the customer network?

A.    ETH0
B.    ETH1
C.    ETH2
D.    ETH3

Answer: A

When using the Avaya Site Administration GSDI interface, which command would be use to built a new telephone set with the extension of 1000?

A.    New station 1000
B.    Add station 1000
C.    Build station 1000
D.    Add set 1000

Answer: B

Which two components are part of the Avaya Aura CM_Simplex template? (Choose two)

A.    Utility services
B.    CM 6.0
C.    Session manager 6.0
D.    Avaya Enablement Services (AES)

Answer: AB

When using the Avaya Site Administrator GEDI interface, which command would be used to confirm the media gateway number 3 is registered?

A.    Show media-gateway 3
B.    Display media-gateway 3
C.    Print media-gateway 3
D.    View media-gateway 3

Answer: B

For Avaya Aura CN6.0, how is the license file installed on the server?

A.    By accessing the web interface of CM
B.    Using the load license command through shell prompt of CM
C.    Through the web interface of DOM0
D.    Using the web interface of Console Domain

Answer: D

Concerning the type of integration with communication manager, on the navigation pane, where us the communication manager messaging 6.0 application mentioned or configured?

A.    Click the system wide Messaging parameters, than switch integration type field.
B.    Click the switch link administration, and then switch type.
C.    Click integration type
D.    Click Switch link administration, then switch link admin, and then switch integration type field

Answer: D

A small enterprise customer needs 450 SIP /H.323 users.
Which CM 6.0 template will be the most economical solution?

A.    CM_Simplex
B.    CM_survRemote_Embeded
C.    CM_Duplex
D.    CM_onlyEmbeded

Answer: D

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