Free Download Avaya 6002 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (41-50)

For the Duplex S8800 servers running CM 6.0, by default which Ethernet port communication with IPSts?

A.    Eth0
B.    Eth1
C.    Eth2
D.    Eth3

Answer: A

When configuring the G450 Media gateway using the Gateway CLI interfaces which command would be used to view the serial number and software status?

A.    Show serial number
B.    Show system
C.    Print G450
D.    Show G450

Answer: B

Which three elements are needed to CLAN IP interface? (Choose three)

A.    Network region
B.    Gateway node name
C.    Node name
D.    Duplicate node name
E.    link

Answer: ACE

Which three procedures are used to determine whether a gateway with a survivable remote server has lost its H.248 link (connection) to the main (Primary) servers? (Choose three)

A.    Execute the Communication Manager command display alarms, to see whether the Link Loss Delay timer has expired
B.    Execute the Communication Manager command display alarms, to see whether the No Service Timeout Timer (NSTT) has expired
C.    Execute the SAT command List media-gateway from the remote survivable server, to determine whether the media gateway is registered with a survivable server
D.    Execute the SAT command status media-gateways, to determine which media gateways are not registered to the main server
E.    Execute the command status H.248 line from the remote gateway, to determine whether the link to the main server is active

Answer: ACD

A user at a remote branch location is registered to a G450 media Gateway connected via processor Ethernet (PE) to a main communication manager in the core. The report that they are no longer able to place calls to users at the core
Which three procedures can be used to diagnose the source of problem? (Choose three)

A.    Confirm that the registered field on the communication Manager Display media-gateway to Y.
B.    Conform that the PE interface is active by executing the communication manager display processor Ethernet command and confirm that the allow H.248 Gateway field is set to Y.
C.    Use the show MGC command on the media gateway to confirm the IP address of the PE enabled server at the core is administered as the primary controller of the media gateway.
D.    Use the list registered -P-station command on the communication manager to determine whether the user on the media gateway is registered.
E.    Use the list survivable processor command to confirm that the survivable server is registered to the main communication manager.

Answer: ADE

How is the status of virtual machines (eg.DOM-0, CDOM-0, CM 6.0) on S8800 server checked?

A.    By going to the home page of console domain.
B.    By going to the homepage of Avaya communication manager.
C.    By going to the home page of Dom 0
D.    By using the internet explorer http://Cdom .lpaddr/vm

Answer: A

Which circuit pack provides an IP Server interface in an Avaya G650 Gateway?

A.    TN2312BP
B.    TN2342Ac
C.    MM711
D.    MM714

Answer: A

A technician is asked to retrieve a maintenance log for CMM that shows the information for 8″00 AM to 5:00 PM local tome that day.
Which shell command should be executed to retrieve the maintenance log?

A.    Show main log 0800 101010
B.    Displog-1 maint -d 10/10/10 08:00
C.    Print log for maint 101010 08:00
D.    Print-1 maint -d 08:00 10/10/10

Answer: D

Which MAC address is recommended for the license file?

A.    The MAC address of the Console domain
B.    The MAC address of the CM eth0 port
C.    The MAC address of the CM host name
D.    The MAC address of the DOM0

Answer: B

A newly installed main Cm 6.0 server indicates it is in license error mode. A technician again 45 minutes later and it is still in error mode. The license was installed from the system management interface (SMI)?
Which statement describes the reason for the error mode?

A.    The installer used the wrong interface to install the license and it is therefore not installed.
B.    The server cannot communicate with the IPSI or media gateway whose serial number was used in the license file.
C.    The license audit runs every 60 minutes and the error will be resolved in 15 minutes.
D.    The installer loaded a license for one of the survivable servers, not the main server, and the IPSIs, media Gateways, and/or IP phones have registered to it

Answer: D

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