Free Download Avaya 6002 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (51-60)

The backup communication Manager, what two choices does the customer have? (Choose two)

A.    Backup/restore
B.    Backup now
C.    Schedule backup
D.    Backup/restore later

Answer: BC

A user at extension 1111 complaints that when dialing extension 2222, the call is the call is unexpectedly answered by a person at extension 3333. All other calls made are connected as expected. There is not display on the phone. While at the SAT, the technician has the user repeat the call to extension 2222
Which command identifies the reason this phone call is behaving in the expected way?

A.    List trace station 1111
B.    List trace station 3333
C.    Status station 1111
D.    Display station 3333

Answer: A

Which greeting should be received when you are calling the messaging Hunt group?

A.    Welcome to Audix
B.    Welcome to messaging
C.    Your call is being answered by Audix
D.    Please leave a message after the tone

Answer: A

What two pieces of information does the product licensing and delivery system (PLDS) required to be entered for a license file to be generated? (Choose two)

A.    Serial number
B.    License activation code
C.    MAC address
D.    Platform type

Answer: BC

Which statement describes the action to assure the CM_Simplex Template was installed correctly?

A.    From browser logged into Systen Management Console, verify cm and utility_Server appear and application state is running.
B.    From a browser using the communication Manager IP address, successfullylog into the communication manager system management interface (SMI)
C.    When monitoring the template installation workflow status, verify the message, “Wizard completely successfully” displays.
D.    From a browser logged into communication manager, select administration > server( maintenance)> server>process status, click on view and verify communicaMgr appears.

Answer: A

A customer has selected Avaya Aura CM_survremote_embedded template.
Which Avaya server should be used?

A.    S8730 Server 8Gb RAM
B.    S8800 Server
C.    S8510Server with 8GB RAM
D.    S8300D Server

Answer: D

Which two statements regarding shuffling and hairpining are true? (Choose two)

A.    Hairpining does not use media processor resources.
B.    The audio connection type field on the communication manager status station formation can be used to determine whether a call is shuffled.
C.    A call between a DCP endpoint and H.323 end point can be shuffled.
D.    Shuffling release media processor resources.

Answer: BD

Which Avaya G450 Module provides 8 DCP ports?

A.    MM711
B.    MM712
C.    MM7202
D.    TN2224

Answer: B

A network failure prevents communication between all the port networks (IPSIs) and there main CM servers.
What is the maximum number of port networks (IPSIs) that can be registered to a survivable remote embedded server?

A.    no port network
B.    63 port networks
C.    64 port networks
D.    126 port networks

Answer: A

Which three servers can be upgraded to communication manager Release 6.0? (Choose three)

A.    S8300C
B.    S8300D
C.    S8510
D.    S8800

Answer: BCD

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