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Isilon Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects: E20-554 Exam
E20-554 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: E20-554
Exam Name: Isilon Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects
Q & A: 80 Q&As

You set up a meeting to gather information on a new project with the IT manager and plan to use
a workflow profile assessment (WPA) to document the requirements.Why is it recommended to
talk to as many stakeholders as possible?
A. Completing this document gives sales a list of who the stakeholders are at customer site.
B. Using workflow profile enables sales to take this information to EMC consulting for review to
validate the configuration.
C. Using the WPA tool will give you the best “big picture” to see things such as block size, de-dupe,
file size and volumes.
D. Helps downstream personnel, such as implementation and delivery, to have a clearer
understanding of the requirements.
Answer: D

What key considerations should be kept in mind when designing a 300TB solution?
A. Workflow management
Defining class of service
Time of day services
Data retention and backup
B. Defining class of service
Time of day services
Data retention and backup
C. SmartPools
Space for snapshots
D. Always include 2% SSD
Answer: A

You meet a customer for the first time. They explain that their current environment for NAS does
not meet their needs. You want to make sure that Isilon is a good fit for their needs.What would
be a good prequalifying question to ask?
A. What application are you using to create directories?
B. Is your datacenter ISO9001 compliant?
C. What protocols are accessing your NAS?
D. How many users are in your Directory Services?
Answer: C

When conducting high-level interviews with stakeholders of a project, what are the key questions
that should be asked?
A. How much usable storage are you looking for?
What client OS will access this storage?
Which applications will access this storage?
B. Which backup application is in use today?
What is your change rate?
How many clients will connect to the cluster?
C. What does your network architecture look like?
Do you have existing NAS infrastructure?
Do you have 10Gb or 1Gb ethernet?
Which applications will access this storage?
D. Who are the application owners?
How much usable storage is needed?
What applications will be accessing the storage?
How many users are in your Active Directory?
Answer: A

Your customer purchased an Isilon cluster with eight X400 nodes for Home Directories. Your
follow-up discussions have uncovered an opportunity to expand the cluster to support the Legal
Department. As you prepare to complete the Workflow Profile Document, you meet with the
customer to discuss data protection.Which key areas should you address?
A. Default cluster protection level
Additional directory level protections
Snapshots and replication
B. WORM requirements
Network ports for replication
Snapshots for user restores
C. Default cluster protection level
Backup windows and processes
Concurrency of user access
D. Protocols (SMB, NFS, FTP, HTTP, HDFS)
Authentication and Directory Services
Performance and latency concerns
Answer: A

A cost-conscious customer is exploring Isilon for their PACS archive. The workflow consists of
one hundred cases a day, each including fifty 60MB image files. However, each image will have
five-hundred 64kB metadata files associated with it. They currently have six years worth of
archived data. They will need to migrate to the new solution and they need to plan for an
additional three years of archive capacity.Which solution would you recommend to fit their
capacity needs?
A. 18 NL-Series nodes with N+2:1 protection policy providing 2078 TiB of useable capacity
B. 24 X-Series nodes with N+3 protection policy providing 2597 TiB of useable capacity
C. 12 NL-Series nodes with N+2 protection policy providing 1300 TiB of useable capacity
D. 24 NL-Series nodes with N+3 protection policy providing 2597 TiB of useable capacity
Answer: D

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