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You create a new result type in the Campaign Performance Dashboard of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.
How many Campaign Performance Dashboard columns does the new result type have?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: C

What is the purpose of the Validate button in the Campaign Automation Flowchart?

A.    to validate the email addresses of email message recipients
B.    to check whether the current user has permission to activate the campaign
C.    to check whether all the records associated with the campaign have been activated
D.    to validate that the individual steps of the campaign meet the activation requirements

Answer: A

Which trigger can you define that is specific to a landing page activity in a marketing campaign?

A.    User Attended
B.    Email Opened
C.    Email Link Clicked
D.    User Registered

Answer: D

You create an event and the associated event registration items in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.
When a user registers a contact for the event, she selects a registration item and notices that the item quantity is set to 1 and unavailable.
Why is the quantity unavailable?

A.    The item registration requires the submission of the attendee’s name.
B.    The item registration does not require the submission of the attendee’s name.
C.    Registration is not available for the item.
D.    The maximum registration for the item has been met.

Answer: C

A vendor provides you with a list of 100 partner companies.
You intend to market directly to the companies.
You create a contact in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing for each company.
Which group should you associate the contacts with?

A.    Staff
B.    Client
C.    Vendor
D.    Marketing

Answer: B

When can approvers be added to approval requests?

A.    at any time after all existing approval requests are completed
B.    at any time before any approver has completed the approval request
C.    only when creating the approval request
D.    when creating the approval request or at any time thereafter

Answer: A

You create an approval request that has three approvers and set the routing to Sequential (all).
How does Microsoft Dynamics Marketing deliver the approval requests?

A.    to each approver in the specified order until one approver rejects the request
B.    to each approver in the specified order until one approver approves the request
C.    to all approvers in the specified order regardless of the responses
D.    to all approvers at the same time

Answer: B

Which two assets can users mark up in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    webpages
B.    videos
C.    advertisements
D.    components

Answer: CD

Users add comments to a file by using the Markup feature of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.
You need to download the file, including the comments.
What should you do?

A.    Use the PDF option.
B.    Use the Print option.
C.    Download the file and then download the comments separately as a Microsoft Word document.
D.    Download the file and then download the comments separately as a PDF file.

Answer: A

How can you move a file to a different folder in File Manager?

A.    Hold down the SHIFT key and drag the file to the new folder.
B.    Drag the file to the new folder without pressing any keyboard keys.
C.    Hold down the CTRL key and drag the file to the new folder.
D.    Cut the file from the original folder and paste it into the new folder.

Answer: B

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