Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass CompTIA SGO-001 Exam Questions (101-110)

Which of the following data replication technologies has the GREATEST impact on an application’s I/O performance to the source data?

A.    Synchronous
B.    ISL trunking
C.    Semi-synchronous
D.    Asynchronous

Answer: A

Which of the following must be done before powering down a storage array?

A.    Delete the hot spares on the storage array
B.    Ensure no I/O is being written to the storage array
C.    Defrag all volumes from the storage array
D.    Uninstall the HBA drivers on all the servers

Answer: B

Which of the following supports commands such as open, close, append, and delete, and is commonly accessed via a drive letter, mount point, or UNC semantic?

A.    Object Based/Content Addressable Storage
B.    Block Level Architecture
C.    Cloud Based Storage
D.    File Level Architecture

Answer: D

Which of the following is the BEST way to increase performance of a storage array?

A.    Use larger capacity drives
B.    Increase number of spindles
C.    Use SATA drives
D.    Decrease number of attached hosts

Answer: B

Which of the following should be unique when installing dual controller heads?

A.    Rack location
B.    Firmware
C.    Alias
D.    IP address

Answer: D

Which of the following are advantages of iSCSI over Fibre Channel SAN implementations? (Select TWO)

A.    IPv6 compatibility
B.    Use of existing infrastructure
C.    Security compliance
D.    Higher storage capacity
E.    Faster integration

Answer: BE

Which multi-server storage infrastructure is BEST for high I/O, random based access, and low latency applications?

A.    NAS
B.    SAN
C.    JBOD
D.    DAS

Answer: C

Which of the following is a security risk inherent to using port zoning?

A.    Physical access to the switch could allow unauthorized access to data.
B.    Encryption of data in-flight is not compatible with port zoning.
C.    Tape-based encryption is not compatible with port zoning.
D.    WWN-spoofing on the SAN fabric could allow unauthorized access to data.

Answer: B

An initiator can be defined as which of the following?

A.    A host that requests or submits I/O to or from target.
B.    A disk that submits data to cache for availability.
C.    A switch port that provides SAN connectivity.
D.    A front-end storage port that checks for SAN connectivity.

Answer: A

Which of the following layers of the FCP are replaced by Ethernet when using FCoE?

A.    FC0 and FC1
B.    FC1 and FC2
C.    FC2 and FC4
D.    FC3 and FC4

Answer: A

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