Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass CompTIA SGO-001 Exam Questions (11-20)

Which of the following is recommended for mirroring data over long distances when the transaction rate is high and impact to the performance on the main site must be minimized?

A.    Replication Consistent
B.    Synchronous
C.    Symmetric
D.    Asynchronous

Answer: D

Which of the following replication types is the FASTEST?

A.    Synchronous
B.    Asynchronous
C.    Incremental
D.    Differential

Answer: A

Which of the following would a company implement in order to ensure that critical system data backups are available in case the datacenter is lost due to a natural disaster?

A.    Snapshots
B.    e-vaulting
C.    OnsiteD2D
D.    OnsiteD2D2T

Answer: B

Which of the following provides a point-in-time, copy-on-write copy of storage data?

A.    RAID hot spare
B.    LUN Migration
C.    Clone
D.    Snapshot

Answer: D

An IT Administrator needs to have which of the following devices in order to share an FC storage system with multiple servers on a SAN?

A.    FC router
B.    FC switch
C.    FC hub
D.    FC HBA

Answer: B

After a cleaning person left the network room, one of the paths to the SAN from Server A is no longer working. The redundant path is working fine. The cables are all connected securely but the HBA fault light is on. The switch shows no light on that port. Which of the following MOST likely occurred?

A.    The HBA was unseated.
B.    The Ethernet connection was briefly lost.
C.    The ISL was broken.
D.    The cable was damaged

Answer: D

Which of the following Fibre Channel feature allows Virtual Machines to be seen individual^ on the fabric?

A.    VLAN
B.    Virtual Fabric
C.    NPIV
D.    Virtual Storage

Answer: C

A SAN administrator is troubleshooting a connectivity issue between a new server and a FC
switch. The link is running at 8Gbps and uses a 90 meter (295 feet) optical cable. Which of the following is the FIRST item the administrator should check or perform?

A.    Upgrade the switch firmware to the latest level.
B.    Verify the cable is OM-3 and not OM-2
C.    Run a temporary cable to bypass a patch panel.
D.    Replace the server’s host bus adapter.

Answer: B

An administrator notices an occasional spike in disk IOPS beyond what the disks can handle. Worried about application performance, the administrator talks with users, but the effect seems to have gone unnoticed. Which of the following is MOST likely preventing the users from experiencing the effects of the spikes?

A.    Redundant Fabric
B.    Fiber Channel
C.    Inter-Switch Links
D.    Controller Cache

Answer: D

Which of the following technologies provides an abstraction of physical drives within a storage array?

A.    Fabric virtualization
B.    Disk virtualization
C.    SAN virtualization
D.    Server virtualization

Answer: B

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