Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass CompTIA SGO-001 Exam Questions (111-120)

Which of the following replication types depends on receiving an ACK from the remote system and guarantees a zero data loss solution?

A.    Synchronous
B.    Asynchronous
C.    Point in time
D.    Differential

Answer: A

An application’s characteristics are write/read intensive, random access, and small data objects. In this situation, which of the following disk types would be BEST suited?

A.    SAS -450 GB, 10k RPM
B.    FC- 300 GB. 15k RPM
C.    SATA-1TB, 7.2k RPM
D.    FC-450GB, 15kRPM

Answer: B

Disk Cache is BEST utilized to accelerate I/O in which of the following? (Select TWO)

A.    All Reads and Writes
B.    Sequential Reads
C.    Random and Sequential Reads
D.    Random Reads and All Writes
E.    Random and Sequential Writes

Answer: BE

The storage technician is setting up a zoning implementation within a Fibre Channel fabric and needs to implement a feature on the switches for granting authorization to data between different zones through a unique device identifier. Which of the following would need to be implemented to satisfy this requirement?

A.    Port Zoning
B.    Redundant Fabrics
C.    LUN Masking
D.    WWN Zoning

Answer: D

Rack stabilization ensures which of the following?

A.    All software and drivers are at current levels
B.    All rack PDUs are in phase
C.    The rack is secured and will not move
D.    Rack cabling is routed for easy maintenance

Answer: C

Which of the following technologies would be used to connect to traditional Direct Attached Storage (DAS)?

A.    IP
B.    eSATA
C.    iSCSI
D.    NFS

Answer: C

Which of the following allows FC-SAN devices to query for the addresses of the other devices?

A.    WWNN
B.    Soft zoning
C.    Fabric controller
D.    Name service

Answer: B

A logical volume:

A.    Is not normally visible to the operating system
B.    Allocates physical capacity as data is written to the volume
C.    Is a single virtual disk to physical disk mapping
D.    Is made up of logical disks

Answer: D

Which of the following allows an administrator to predict SAN utilization in order to plan the storage department’s capital expenditure target?

A.    Forecasting
B.    Base lining
C.    Planning
D.    Trending

Answer: D

When loading equipment into a new rack, which of the following should be considered?

A.    Power requirements
B.    Environmental concerns
C.    Weight of the device
D.    Antistatic devices

Answer: D

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