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Which of the following administration tools would be the BEST choice for scripting commands?

A.    Telnet
B.    CLI
C.    GUI
D.    HTTP

Answer: C

Which of the following explains why a backup tape drive might be “shoe-shining” during a backup?

A.    Read-after-write verification is being used to guarantee data integrity
B.    Data compression is rewriting the data to save space
C.    The tape head is dirty and needs to be cleaned
D.    The backup client is not providing data fast enough

Answer: B

Two Fibre Channel directors are being installed in a rack. The rack has two power buses, each attached to a separate Power Distribution Unit (PDU). The directors have dual power supplies to supply N+1 power to the directors. In which of the following ways should the power supplies be attached to the rack power busses?

A.    Each director should be connected into a separate power bus.
B.    Each director’s power supplies should connect to a separate power bus.
C.    Both directors should be plugged into the same power bus; the second bus should be designated as “Stand-by”.
D.    As long as the directors are grounded, it does not matter which bus is used

Answer: B

When connecting multiple NICs from a server to a switch and eventually to an iSCSI target, each NIC receives its own IP address, and an iSCSI Initiator-Target link is established for each NIC. The OS uses a round-robin technique to write data to presented LUNs. Which of the following describes this setup?

A.    Multipathing
B.    NIC teaming
C.    Link aggregation
D.    Port grouping

Answer: A

A server needs to be connected to a new SAN via iSCSI, but the system administrator is unable to see any of the LUNs from the server. Which of the following can the system administrator do NEXT to resolve the issue, after verifying correct network configuration and basic network connectivity?

A.    Change the VSAN configuration
B.    Update the iSCSI drivers on the server
C.    Update the firmware on the switch
D.    Update the firmware on all of the SAN drives

Answer: B

An administrator would like to encrypt the communication between servers and the target in an iSCSI SAN. Which of the following would accomplish this?

A.    TPM Module
B.    iPSec
C.    EFS
D.    CHAP

Answer: B

Which of the following data replication technologies should an administrator use between two storage arrays 1000 miles apart?

A.    Cloning
B.    Snapshots
C.    Asynchronous
D.    Synchronous

Answer: C

Which of the following set of terms are correctly applied to an archiving solution versus backup solution?

A.    Single version, very long retention, address requirements for compliance
B.    Single version, short retention, address requirements for compliance
C.    Multiple versions, very long retention, address requirements for recovery
D.    Multiple versions, short retention, address requirements for recovery

Answer: A

A SAN administrator is troubleshooting a synchronized data mirroring issue between the primary and DR datacenters. The datacenters use routed FCIP traffic over a WAN for the mirror traffic. The mirror relationships are breaking at an increasing frequency. Which of the following actions should the administrator take FIRST?

A.    Use FC Ping to measure the FCIP latency
B.    Increase the WAN’s bandwidth
C.    Add more FCIP routers to the fabrics
D.    Stop all mirror traffic

Answer: B

Which of the following network technologies should an administrator use to replicate data between datacenters across the Pacific ocean?

A.    CWDM
B.    VSAN
C.    MAN
D.    WAN

Answer: D

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