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Which of the following deduplication methods will minimize host CPU utilization? (Select TWO)

A.    Appliance
B.    Virtual
C.    Inline
D.    Software
E.    Agent

Answer: AC

A new storage network is being designed. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate process to address storage planning?

A.    A disk to disk to tape grandfathering scheme so as to ensure that an appropriate backup scheme is in place.
B.    A tiered approach utilizing short term online, medium term near-line, and long term offline storage,
C.    A Virtual Tape Library with multi-path 10 to provide high availability connected via 10GBps SAN switches.
D.    Fixed data retention periods so that storage is rolled over based on an aging cycle.

Answer: B

A server appears to be writing data to a storage system slower than it used to. Which of the following practices would BEST help to validate that there is a problem?

A.    Setting alerts
B.    Setting thresholds
C.    Forecasting
D.    Compare to baseline

Answer: D

For provisioning SAN volumes to high performance OLTP databases, which of the following describes a best practice?

A.    Volumes for the redo logs should be created from different disks than the data volumes.
B.    Volumes for each database should be provisioned on separate fabrics.
C.    Volumes for indexes, redo, and archive logs should be on separate storage arrays from the data.
D.    Volumes for the redo logs from each database should be created from the same disks.

Answer: A

Which of the following technologies enables a single HBA to be used by multiple virtual machines with each one addressed independently on a SAN?

A.    NPIV
B.    VSAN
C.    LVM
D.    VLAN

Answer: A

Which of the following network device functions can reduce host CPU utilization?

A.    TOE
B.    FCoTR
C.    Link aggregation
D.    Jumbo frames

Answer: A

Multiple SAN-attached LUNs are allocated to a host. The LUNs are then mapped to the operating system as a single disk by which of the following?

A.    Mount Point
B.    File System
C.    Volume Group
D.    Logical Volume Manager

Answer: D

When deploying a LUN from a storage array to a host over a SAN, which of the following steps must be done for the host to see the LUN? (Select TWO).

A.    The switches must be zoned to allow the host to see the array
B.    The host must authenticate against the array for SCSI access
C.    The host must enable the Persistent Binding Function on its HBA
D.    The switches must be zoned to allow the host to see the LUN
E.    The array must be configured to expose the LUN to the host

Answer: AE

A mission-critical server with a dual-port HBA is used in a highly available SAN environment. The SAN administrator has been advised this server has a single point of failure. Which of the following actions should the administrator take to correct the configuration?

A.    Create a server cluster for the application to increase performance.
B.    Purchase additional switches to create a redundant fabric.
C.    Install another HBA and move one connection to the new HBA.
D.    Partition the storage resource with one partition per fabric.

Answer: C

Which of the following configurations is aimed at increasing data availability and protecting a storage system from becoming unavailable due to a partial network outage?

A.    Redundant SFPs
B.    Multipathing
C.    Hot swappable storage enclosures
D.    Dual power supply

Answer: B

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