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A technician has a host connected to two fibre channel fabrics using two different HBAs. There are many errors on one HBA. There are also many errors on the switch port where the error HBA is connected. Which of the following would the technician check FIRST to troubleshoot the problem?

A.    Zoning configuration
B.    SFP
C.    Storage HBA
D.    Switch trunking

Answer: B

Which of the following defines the difference between fibre channel switch fabric and fibre channel arbitrated loop technologies?

A.    Bandwidth vs.I/O
B.    B. Speed vs. Distance
C.    Shared vs. Dedicated
D.    Coax vs. Fiber

Answer: C

Which of the following is found on a Gigabit Ethernet network and helps increase throughput while consuming fewer CPU cycles?

A.    Runt frames
B.    Perfmon
C.    Datagrams
D.    Jumbo frames

Answer: D

Which of the following is BEST suited for seldom accessed data but needs to be retrieved in less then one minute from the time of the request?

A.    Tape
B.    Solid State disks
C.    SATA disks
D.    SAS disks

Answer: C

A storage administrator must reduce the traffic load over the LAN and secure data back-ups over the LAN. Which of the following items should the administrator consider FIRST?

A.    Host a LAN data compression application
B.    Change the data retention policy
C.    LAN-free in-line data encryption
D.    Content Addressable Storage on the LAN

Answer: C

Which of the following backup techniques provides the SLOWEST restore time?

A.    Full
B.    Differential
C.    Incremental
D.    rsync

Answer: C

Given a scenario in which a host on a Fibre Channel SAN suddenly loses access to multiple SAN storage volumes, an administrator should FIRST investigate which of the following? (Select TWO).

A.    Cable connection failure
B.    VLAN failure
C.    GBIC/SFP failure
D.    NIC failure
E.    Name Server failure

Answer: AC

There are two FC switches in an ISL configuration, and the fabric has a segmented fabric error.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    FC switch IP addresses are the same on each switch
B.    FC switch names are the same on each switch.
C.    FC switch FWs are different on each switch.
D.    Domain IDs are not unique on each FC switch

Answer: D

Which of the following classifies a hop in a fiber channel environment?

A.    Within a path, connection between an initiator and its target
B.    Within a network, connection from switch to storage
C.    Within a path, connection between two switches
D.    Connection between any two devices

Answer: C

The ability to move source data from enterprise disk to secondary disk is known as which of the following?

A.    Deduplication
B.    Tiering
C.    Shared access
D.    Multipathing

Answer: B

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