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An Internet service provider must support highly available storage arrays. Which of the following technologies supports the ability to swap hardware without downtime?

A.    Hot pluggable components
B.    Fiber attached storage controllers
C.    RAID 5 configuration
D.    Dual power supply

Answer: A

Which of the following terms describes multiple devices connected to the same switch port within a SAN?

A.    Thin provisioning
B.    Worldwide port name
C.    Worldwide node name
D.    Oversubscription

Answer: D

A customer has a SQL server with data and log files stored on the SAN. Data is replicated to an offsite SAN every night for the database and every hour for the log files. In the event of a failure, the SQL server can be brought up at the offsite location within 5 hours. Which of the following is

A.    The RTO is 5 hours, the RPO is one hour and the copy is disk to disk
B.    The RTO is one hour, the RPO is 5 hours and the copy is disk to tape
C.    The RTO is one hour, the RPO is 5 hours and the copy is disk to disk
D.    The RTO is 5 hours, the RPO is one hour and the copy is disk to tape

Answer: A

Which of the following is the LARGEST benefit from the LTO-4 specification regarding AES-GCM?

A.    Data compression
B.    Error detection and correction
C.    Tape cleaning
D.    Tape encryption

Answer: D

Which of the following would BEST help to reduce Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) of data restoration from long-term archive?

A.    VSAN
B.    VTL
C.    ATL
D.    LVM

Answer: B

A server with two HBAs is connected to two identical fabrics and configured as active-active, load
balanced with automatic failover. Under normal conditions, traffic is moving across both fabrics equally. During a maintenance window to upgrade code on the switches, Fabric A is taken offline. This server reports all paths lost. The switch on Fabric B shows no light on the port connected to HBA B. Which of the following should be the FIRST step to troubleshoot the problem?

A.    Check HBA B on the server.
B.    Remove the server from production.
C.    Replace the cable on Fabric A.
D.    Replace the switch in Fabric B

Answer: A

An administrator wants to hide storage resources from servers that should not have access to them. Which of the following can be configured on the storage controller to accomplish this?

A.    Zone
B.    LUN Masking
C.    Port masking
D.    VLAN

Answer: B

A SAN administrator is setting thresholds on trunks composed of four ISLs per trunk group. To allow for the loss of one ISL, which of the following values should be used for the bandwidth threshold of each ISL?

A.    50%
B.    67%
C.    78%
D.    90%

Answer: B

A new DAS populated with ten 160GB drives is in a RAID6 configuration. Which of the following is the usable disk space?

A.    800MB
B.    1.28TB
C.    1.44TB
D.    1.6TB

Answer: B

A server has two HBAs. Each HBA is connected to a fabric and zoned to the same storage array. HBAO is passing traffic, while HBA1 is connected but not passing traffic. This is known as which of the following?

A.    Fully-pathed passive redundant
B.    Multipath active-active
C.    Single path active-passive
D.    Multipath active-passive

Answer: C

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