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Which of the following ports is MOST commonly used with FC-AL?

A.    F-port
B.    N-port
C.    NL-port
D.    TE-port

Answer: C

An administrator is having trouble explaining the physical location of a LUN’s data on an array to the company’s CEO. The CEO has requested a visual representation of this data. Which of the following would be the BEST way for the administrator to show the data?

A.    GUI via Telnet
B.    GUI via SSH
C.    GUI via SNMP
D.    GUI via HTTPS

Answer: D

An 8Gb SAN switch port will autosense which of the following port speeds? (Select TWO).

A.    1Gb
B.    2Gb
C.    4Gb
D.    10Gb
E.    16Gb

Answer: BC

Which of the following has the ability to minimize CPU overhead?

A.    Jumbo Frames
B.    Class of service
C.    TOE
D.    VLAN

Answer: C

A technician is working with a storage array that has 15 total slots for hard drives. The technician is tasked with configuring two separate RAID 5 volumes of the same size, sharing a global hot spare. 1TB drives are the largest available for this model storage array. Using the 1TB drives, which of the following is the LARGEST raw volume size attainable?

A.    6 TB
B.    7 TB
C.    7.5 TB
D.    8 TB

Answer: A

An administrator has four drives, and each drive is 300GB in size. If the administrator applies RAID 6 to four drives, which of the following is the usable capacity of the four drives?

A.    300 GB
B.    600 GB
C.    900 GB
D.    1.2 TB

Answer: B

An administrator has just replaced a single-port HBA and needs to complete zoning changes to replace the current alias. The administrator creates the new alias, adds it to the existing zone, and then deletes the old alias. When applying the new configuration, an error states that the original alias is not found and the configuration cannot be applied. Which of the following steps did the administrator miss?

A.    Create a new zone with the new alias and add it to the existing configuration
B.    Remove the original zone and recreate it with the new alias.
C.    Rename the original alias before deleting it.
D.    Remove the original alias from the zone before deleting it.

Answer: D

In a redundant fabric configuration, which of the following is the MINIMUM number of single port HBAs that a server must have, to sustain a single fabric failure?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    4
D.    8

Answer: B

When implementing an HA fabric, which of the following is the MINIMAL requirement for running cables from each fabric to a storage unit?

A.    At least one connection to each array controller
B.    At least two connections to each controller port
C.    Attach fabrics to the same controller
D.    Separate protocols for each fabric are recommended

Answer: A

Which of the following cable types should be used to connect two storage arrays for replication if they are separated by a distance of 900 meters (2953 feet)?

A.    CAT6 Ethernet
B.    Multimode fiber
C.    Twin AX
D.    Single-mode fiber

Answer: D

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