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Which of the following are requirements for having an ISL between two FC switches? (Select TWO).

A.    Both switches have to be the same model.
B.    The connecting ports need to be E-ports.
C.    The connecting ports need to be F-ports.
D.    Each switch has to have a unique domain ID.
E.    Both switches need to be running the same firmware level.

Answer: BD

Which of the following features can automatically facilitate a vendor service call in the event of a SAN component failure?

A.    Predictive trending
B.    SMS alert to administrator
C.    Call home
D.    SNMP

Answer: C

In order to protect the storage area network, a new firewall has been installed at the company’s datacenter. Once installed, all servers lost the remote storage and crashed. Which of the following will restore communication between the servers’ network and the SAN?

A.    UDP port 6320 must be permitted between the two networks.
B.    TCP port 3260 must be permitted between the two networks.
C.    All servers must be configured to use hardware iSCSI initiators.
D.    All servers must rescan the LUNs which have been masked by the firewall

Answer: B

An administrator would like to employ a strategy to use SAN space more efficiently. Data that has a high I/O and is accessed often should be moved to SSD and Fiber Channel drives while data accessed less often should be moved to the higher capacity SATA drives. Which of the following features describes this strategy?

A.    SAN snapshot
B.    Storage base lining
C.    Data tiering
D.    Capacity planning

Answer: C

Which of the following describes an ISL connection?

A.    Between an initiator and a target
B.    Between a specific node (NL-port) and an a switch
C.    From any Loop port within a Loop
D.    Between two fabric switches

Answer: D

Two single-port 2Gb HBAs can support up to which of the following?

A.    200MB/S
B.    320MB/S
C.    400MB/S
D.    4200MB/S

Answer: C

How many disks are required to create RAID 3 utilizing five data drives with a hot spare?

A.    5
B.    6
C.    7
D.    10

Answer: C

To provide increased storage availability, the system administrator purchased a storage array with two controllers. Which of the following is a reason a server would lose its storage when only one of the storage controllers fails?

A.    Improper multipathing configuration
B.    Hard zoning has been implemented
C.    The switch fabric is not redundant
D.    SCSI disks have not been properly terminated

Answer: A

An administrator would like to combine several ISLs into a single virtual connection. Which of the following technologies should be implemented to accomplish this?

A.    LUN Masking
B.    Trunking
C.    Flow Control
D.    VLAN Trunking

Answer: B

An array has five drives, and each drive is 300GB in capacity. If an administrator applies RAID 5, which of the following is the usable capacity of the five drives?

A.    600 GB
B.    900 GB
C.    1.2 TB
D.    1.5 TB

Answer: C

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