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When connecting power for switches and storage equipment with two or more redundant power supplies in a rack?

A.    Power supplies from a single component should be connected to the same PDU
B.    There should be a separate PDU for each device in the rack.
C.    Power supplies from a single component should be connected to different PDUs.
D.    Each rack should have only one PDU.

Answer: C

Queue Depths can be defined as which of the following?

A.    A value of the FICON status menu
B.    The number of pending SCSI commands
C.    A type of issue with large bandwidth
D.    The number of Layer 2 processes on the fiber

Answer: B

An administrator cannot get the initiator to discover an iSCSI target. The switch displays all green lights on the port but by moving the cable from one port on the switch to another, the initiator discovers the target. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

A.    Incorrect VLAN setting on the switch
B.    Switch port was shutdown
C.    Incorrect configuration of the target NIC
D.    Incorrect configuration of the initiator NIC

Answer: A

A host-based logical volume manager is used to migrate data from an old array to a newer one. The storage administrator has completed the physical connections, zoning, and masking, but the storage volumes from the new array are still not visible on the host. Which of die following steps should be performed NEXT?

A.    Change the HBA driver topology configuration
B.    Replace failed HBA
C.    Run fcping
D.    Bus rescan

Answer: D

One of the disks in a RAID 5 configuration on a NAS device has failed. Which of the following technologies would BEST allow a technician to replace the failed disk without interrupting service to the device?

A.    Fibre channel array
B.    Hot spare disk
C.    Disk enclosure
D.    Hot pluggable disk

Answer: D

A pair of SAN-attached servers will be clustered using host clustering, which of the following should the storage administrator do to support that configuration?

A.    Volumes should be mapped to one server and then the second server will provide redundancy
B.    Shared volumes should be mapped to both servers via a single storage interface.
C.    Storage volumes from separate storage arrays should be mapped to each server via separate fabrics.
D.    Shared volumes should be mapped to both servers via multiple storage interfaces.

Answer: D

Which of the following cable types has the HIGHEST possible throughput?

A.    Single-mode fiber
B.    CAT6
C.    CAT5
D.    TwinAX

Answer: A

Which of the following data security types would be used to enforce access management policies? (Select TWO)

A.    Disk encryption
B.    ACL
C.    Physical security
D.    Network encryption
E.    Checksums

Answer: BC

An administrator would like to implement a storage appliance that is able to provide access to NFS mounts and CIFS shares. Which of the following solutions would MOST likely provide this type of access?

A.    vSAN
B.    iSCSI target
C.    FCoE SAN
D.    NAS

Answer: D

A security administrator wants to set up various alerts on critical systems to be sent to the administrator’s email and cell phone. Which of the following options would need to be configured to ensure the delivery of those alerts?

A.    TFTP
B.    SMTP
C.    SNMPv1
D.    telnet

Answer: B

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