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A SAN administrator in a large datacenter has a number of racks with devices alerting for high temperatures randomly in the datacenter. There is sufficient cooling capacity for the datacenter. Which of the following design elements will address the random overheating issue?

A.    Cooling unit relocation
B.    Air dams under the raised floor
C.    Incorporate hot-cold isles
D.    Adequate power circuits

Answer: C

Which of the following are hot-pluggable devices in a storage array? (Select TWO)

A.    HBA
B.    Power supply
C.    Disk
D.    Drive chassis
E.    ISL

Answer: BC

Which of the following is an open management standard specifically for storage?

A.    SNMP
B.    SLP
C.    SMI-S
D.    SMTP

Answer: C

Which of the following are block level transports? (Select TWO)

A.    EXT3
B.    FCoE
C.    iSCSI
D.    NTFS
E.    NFS

Answer: BC

A user’s remote connection halts every time large sequential files are transferred to and from a specific server running 1 Gb/s iSCSI. The administrator has found no fault with the network, and during these transfers the network utilization of the switch port is very high. After the transfer is complete the user is able to reconnect to the server via terminal services. Which of the following would prevent this problem in the future? (Select TWO).

A.    Use a Dedicated iSCSI network and NIC instead of the production network.
B.    Set up IPSec and CHAP authentication for the iSCSI connection.
C.    Modify firewall rules to prevent terminal session starvation,
D.    Increase the time out of the Buffer to Buffer Credits on the NIC.
E.    Implement QoS or Class of Service features

Answer: AC

Which of the following storage types is BEST suited for data immutability?

A.    DAS
B.    SAN
C.    CAS
D.    NAS

Answer: C

After installing a server based application, an administrator is failing to connect from their desktop. The administrator is able to ping the server by both IP and DNS name. Which of the following is causing the problem?

A.    Incorrect firewall settings
B.    Incorrect duplex setting
C.    Incorrect VLAN configuration
D.    Incorrect NIC configurations

Answer: A

An application database is operating slowly and no faults have been detected on the storage or host. Which of the following will determine if the storage device is performing outside of its normal operating expectations?

A.    Current performance versus recorded baseline
B.    Thorough review of the audit logs of the device
C.    Forecast and capacity planning trend
D.    Thorough review of the switch and storage event logs

Answer: A

Which of the following tape drive features allows multiple devices to be backed up simultaneously?

A.    Compression
B.    Shoe-shining
C.    Multi-streaming
D.    Multiplexing

Answer: D

Which of the following storage technologies makes use of E-ports and F-ports?

A.    FC-AL
B.    SATA
C.    FCP
D.    SAS

Answer: C

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