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Buffer-to-buffer credit is used for which of the following?

A.    Managing number of available buffers on target
B.    Controlling the number of packets initiator can send in sequence
C.    Controlling frame flow on Fibre Channel link
D.    Configuring the buffers used to store frames in switch

Answer: C

Which of the following are current rotational speeds for Fibre Channel and SAS based hard drives? (Select TWO)

A.    3400 RPM
B.    5400 RPM
C.    7000 RPM
D.    10.000 RPM
E.    15,000 RPM

Answer: DE

A system administrator has recently replaced a failed redundant HBA. Which of the following MUST be done in order to connect the LUNs to the replacement HBA?

A.    The iSCSI initiators must be restarted on the affected servers
B.    All drives must upload the new HBA firmware before it becomes active
C.    The SAN must rebuild the newly installed HBA’s file system.
D.    The SAN zone must be configured for the new WWPN

Answer: D

A storage system with a small number of 1TB disk drives has an issue involving high latency for an OLTP application. Which of the following items should the storage administrator consider FIRST?

A.    Replace the 1TB disk drives with 2TB disk drives.
B.    Increase the number of disk drives installed in the storage system
C.    Incorporate a new RAID array composed of SATA drives.
D.    Reduce the current amount of cache used by the controllers.

Answer: B

When enabling Jumbo Frames for iSCSI operations, which of the following is true?

A.    It is a tunneling feature and only needs to be supported at the endpoints.
B.    It is incompatible with IPSec due to encryption functionality.
C.    Recommended size for Jumbo is 64K, which is max size of a SCSI packet.
D.    Must be supported end to end or performance problems in the network may occur.

Answer: D

Which of the following backup methodologies would BEST be used to provide an instant copy of the current data within the same disk group?

A.    Snapshot
B.    Clone
C.    Incremental
D.    Differential

Answer: A

The best practice for ensuring high I/O performance is

A.    Making the logical volumes the same size as the physical disk.
B.    Dedicating the physical disks to logical volumes.
C.    Spreading the logical volumes across all logical disks using striping.
D.    Spreading the logical volumes across all logical disks using concatenation.

Answer: C

Which of the following RAID levels uses parity?

B.    RAID 1
C.    RAID 0+1
D.    RAID 6

Answer: D

When considering the BEST design for a SAN environment, which of the following is the MOST pivotal concept design flaw?

A.    Long distance connections
B.    Three phase power
C.    Single point of failure
D.    Fully redundant fabrics

Answer: C

A storage administrator is reporting loss of connectivity between two datacenters that are connected via a fibre channel within close proximity. The network administrator verifies that the new fiber optic cable installed between the two sites is not the cause of this issue. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this network outage?

A.    Insufficient buffer credits
B.    Crossover cable is needed
C.    Faulty SFP
D.    Straight-thru cable is faulty

Answer: C

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