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The technician has been told to install a cable between buildings for a new4Gbps link. The distance between the buildings is approximate^ 500 meters (1640 feet). Which of the following cable options should be used?

A.    Single-mode
B.    CAT6
C.    Multimode
D.    Twin AX

Answer: A

Host-based volume management can be used to virtualize which of the following?

A.    Storage from multiple arrays
B.    Multiple operating systems
C.    SAN fabrics from remote data centers
D.    Multiple tape devices

Answer: A

An administrator installs a second HBA into a server for redundancy. Now the server is reporting that there are two storage devices available whereas before there was only one. Which of the following additional steps should the administrator take?

A.    Install a new HBA that is the same model as the old HBA
B.    Install and configure multipath software.
C.    Mask the second LUN to hide it from view.
D.    Move the HBA connection to a redundant switch.

Answer: B

A storage administrator is tasked with creating a disaster recovery solution for an application with Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of two minutes and Recovery Point Objective (RPOJ of five minutes. In the event of complete site failure which of the following techniques should be used?
(Select TWO).

A.    Replication
B.    CAS
C.    Tape Backups
D.    Snapshotting
E.    VTL Backups

Answer: AD

A new SAN volume has been presented and mounted on a server, but poor write performance is exhibited. Which of the following should be investigated to determine potential causes?

A.    HBA persistent bindings
B.    Alignment of the partition along physical disk track boundaries
C.    The HBA topology configuration
D.    The MTU size for jumbo frames and alignment along switch boundaries

Answer: B

A system administrator has added a new LUN and is unable to see the storage from a server. Which of the following should the system administrator perform to see the newly created storage from the server?

A.    A LUN rescan should be performed on the SAN.
B.    An fctraceroute should be performed on the server
C.    An fcping should be performed on the SAN.
D.    A disk rescan should be performed on the server.

Answer: D

Which of the following is a neighbor discovery protocol that sends out and receives detailed Layer 2 network information to other connected access devices and can be used by any vendor?

A.    FCOE
B.    LDAP
C.    CDP
D.    LLDP

Answer: D

Which of the following terms describes the management of a device on the same connection as storage resources offered to the host?

A.    Storage Management Initiative-Specification (SMI-S)
B.    Out-Of-Band Management
C.    In-Band Management
D.    Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)

Answer: C

A file system has been created on a logical volume spanning multiple LUNs During a backup, high latency is observed on the LUNs but only on one LUN at a time. The MOST likely cause for the problem is which of the following?

A.    The file system is not spread across enough physical spindles.
B.    The partitions of the logical volume were concatenated.
C.    The file system is being used by other applications.
D.    There is too much I/O activity on the physical disks from other applications

Answer: B

Which of the following provides high availability? (Select TWO).

A.    Multipath
B.    Hot spare
C.    RAID0
D.    Snapshot
E.    Zoneset

Answer: AB

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