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CIW V5 Foundations Sdf Module: 1D0-51B Exam

  • 1D0-51B Questions & Answers
  • Exam Code: 1D0-51B
  • Exam Name: CIW V5 Foundations Sdf Module
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1: You are using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to format your Web site. You created an external style sheet to apply the same look and feel to all your pages. Which tag will you use on each page to reference your external style sheet?
Correct Answers: A

2: Consider the following XHTML code from a Web form:
How often do you want to be updated?<br/>
<select name=”Frequency”>
<option> Once a week </option>
<option> Once or twice a month </option>
<option> Once a month </option>
<option value=”NotAtAll” > Never </option>
Which type of Web form field will this code create?
A.A group of check boxes
B.A group of radio buttons
C.A single-option select list
D.A scrolling multiple-select list
Correct Answers: C

3: Which of the following XHTML elements is always placed within the <head> section?
Correct Answers: C

4: Maria and her team are beginning to redesign a corporate Web site. The company owners want to keep the site’s navigation icons at the top of each page, and enable linked pages to appear in another section of the same browser window. Which XHTML technique does Maria suggest?
A.Pop-up JavaScript windows
B.Frameset layout with upper and lower frames
C.List elements <li> enclosed by <ol> container tags
D.Navigation icons in the top row of a table page structure
Correct Answers: B

5: James created an XHTML table to show his schedule for each week of the month. He organized the table in a standard calendar format, so that each day from Sunday to Saturday is the header for a vertical column, and each week of days is displayed horizontally as a row. Each scheduled activity appears in the table cell appropriate for the day it occurs. James wants to merge two table cells into one cell to show the IT Business Conference that he will attend from Tuesday to Wednesday in the third week. Which tag should James use for this merged cell?
A.<td colspan=?? IT Business Conference </td>
B.<td rowspan=?? IT Business Conference </td>
C.<th rowspan=?? IT Business Conference </th>
D.<table colspan=?? IT Business Conference </table>
Correct Answers: A

6: Which of the following eventually becomes a site map?
A.A storyboard
B.A needs analysis
C.A scope diagram
D.A stakeholder meeting
Correct Answers: A

7: Consider the following XHTML code:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN””>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″/>
<title> This is an HTML document </title>
This is a test page for the departmental Web page.
This code failed validation. Why?
A.Because the opening <head> tag is missing
B.Because the closing </meta> tag is missing
C.Because the <html> tag should use all-capital letters
D.Because the <body> tag must have a code statement
Correct Answers: A

8: You have been asked to determine the download time for pages on your site. One page consists of the XHTML document, several image files, and a Flash presentation. These elements equal 84 kilobytes (KB) total. How long will it take for this page to be downloaded by a user with an Internet connection speed of 33.6 kilobits per second (Kbps)?
A.Approximately 5 seconds
B.Approximately 15 seconds
C.Approximately 20 seconds
D.Approximately 55 seconds
Correct Answers: C

9: Luis uses JavaScript code in his Web site’s home page. The script notifies Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 users of a possible usability problem. What does this script do?
A.Creates a cookie and redirects users to another page
B.Creates a variable and redirects users to another page
C.Performs server-side browser detection and creates a pop-up window alert
D.Performs client-side browser detection and creates a pop-up window alert
Correct Answers: D

10: Rolf’s Web site does not meet the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). To make his site more accessible according to WCAG, which change could he make?
A.Remove all tables from site pages
B.Add a disclaimer to the home page
C.Create a text-only version of the site
D.Add more images and decrease text
Correct Answers: C

11: Your company is outsourcing some content development tasks. The contractors who work on these projects will see some of your company’s proprietary content before it is available to customers. Your company needs to ensure that this trade-secret content is kept confidential by the contractors who see it. Which of the following protects your intellectual property in this situation?
C.License agreement
D.Non-disclosure agreement
Correct Answers: D

12: Perl, .Net and PHP are all examples of:
A.database technologies.
B.client-side scripting technologies.
C.server-side scripting technologies.
D.application programming interfaces.
Correct Answers: C

13: Which of the following is the most efficient method for documenting and communicating a Web site plan?
A.Photocopying and faxing sketches
B.Sending a presentation slideshow via e-mail
C.Describing the plan orally on stakeholders’ voicemail
D.Posting a large diagram on the wall in a busy office hallway
Correct Answers: B

14: Web pages with content that flashes, flickers or strobes can cause accessibility problems for which type of users?
A.Users with hearing impairment
B.Users with cognitive challenges
C.Users with technical challenges
D.Users with slow Internet connections
Correct Answers: B

15: Which of the following Web site maintenance functions helps ensure that users continue to visit your site?
A.Moving links
B.Fixing dead links
C.Clearing the cache
D.Changing page locations
Correct Answers: B

16: Which e-commerce protocol is defined as the interorganization exchange of documents in standardized electronic form directly between participating computers?
A.Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
B.Open Buying on the Internet (OBI)
C.Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
D.Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
Correct Answers: A

17: The Web-safe palette contains how many colors available for use in HTML documents?
A.216 Colors
B.256 Colors
C.16 Million Colors
D.32 Million Colors
Correct Answers: A

18: Angel is using a GUI HTML editor to create a Web page that will be posted on the company site during an advertising promotion. Which of the following is a disadvantage of using GUI HTML editors?
A.They require you to choose a DTD.
B.They require you to know HTML well.
C.They may generate non-standard code.
D.They take a long time to create page code.
Correct Answers: C

19: Chris has decided to increase the cellspacing attribute value in his XHTML table. What is affected by this change?
A.The size of the table
B.The position of the table
C.The space between the table cells
D.The space between cell text and cell border
Correct Answers: C

20: Which XHTML container tag allows you to define regions in your browser window and assign separate files to each region?
Correct Answers: C

21: Sandi needs to format a Web site with 20 pages. She wants to use CSS to apply a style rule to the H3 selector on all pages in the site. What is the most efficient way for her to apply this formatting?
A.With an inline style
B.With a heading-3 tag
C.With an embedded style
D.With an external style sheet
Correct Answers: D

22: You are hosting a Web server in your office. Your ISP will provide connectivity. What do you need from your ISP in order to publish your site?
A.Directory locations
B.Permissions to use CGI
C.A DNS name or IP address
D.A user name and password
Correct Answers: C

23: You are managing an IT project, and you need information about customer preferences. Which of the following stakeholders is best to provide this information?
A.Marketing team
B.Upper management
C.Server administrators
D.Web development team
Correct Answers: A

24: You need to register a domain name for the Web sites that will promote your company’s new product in international markets. You decide to register several top-level domains, such as .ca, .au and .ae, in addition to the commonly used .com domain. Why would you do this?
A.To appeal to the national identities of your customers
B.To make it easier for search engines to find your Web site
C.To ensure that you can sell your product legally in various countries
D.To ensure that customers remember the spelling of your product name
Correct Answers: A

25: Which of the following accurately describes a difference between a Java servlet and a PHP script?
A.Servlets must be interpreted, whereas PHP scripts are only compiled.
B.Servlets must be compiled, whereas PHP scripts are only interpreted.
C.PHP scripts can be used only to communicate with databases, whereas servlets can be used to provide additional features.
D.Servlets can be used only to communicate with databases, whereas PHP scripts can be used to provide additional features.
Correct Answers: B

26: Which markup language describes document content instead of adding structure or formatting to document content?
Correct Answers: A

27: In XHTML, what is one of the functions of the <input> tag?
A.To create a data cell in a table
B.To create a check box in a form
C.To create a record in a database
D.To create a scrolling select list in a form
Correct Answers: B

28: Which of the following is the most popular protocol that provides authentication and encryption for secure exchanges over the Internet?
A.Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
B.Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
C.Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
D.Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
Correct Answers: A

29: Which of the following accurately describes a difference between GIF images and JPEG images?
A.GIF images support the transparency technique, whereas JPEG images do not.
B.GIF images support millions of colors, whereas JPEG images support only 256 colors.
C.JPEG images use vector graphics, whereas GIF images use bitmap or raster graphics.
D.JPEG images support interlacing and animation techniques, whereas GIF images do not.
Correct Answers: A

30: Which choice lists the three image file formats that are universally supported by modern Web browsers?
Correct Answers: D