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Your company invoices in U.S. dollars on a project for a company whose currency is euros. To avoid any issues with currency exchange rate fluctuations, you agree on a fixed currency exchange rate for invoices. How should you set up the project?

A.    Specify a fixed-rate agreement on the project.
B.    Specify a fixed exchange rate on the invoice proposal.

C.    Specify a fixed exchange rate on the sales order.
D.    Specify a fixed-rate agreement on the project contract.

Answer: D

Which three fields are specified when configuring a project contract? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)

A.    Invoice frequency
B.    Line property
C.    Project type
D.    Sales currency
E.    Sales tax group

Answer: ADE

You set up the project validation feature. You need to restrict certain employees to use specific categories when they enter transactions in journals for particular projects. Which type of validation group should you configure?

A.    Worker/project
B.    Categories
C.    Projects
D.    Project/category
E.    Worker/category

Answer: D

Which statement about the customer advance feature is true?

A.    The customer advance cannot be created once transactions have been posted to the project.
B.    The customer advance is created by using the payment journal.
C.    The customer advance can be used to offset billable charges by using the invoice proposal process.
D.    The customer advance amount can be defined as a percentage of an existing invoice amount.

Answer: C

You analyze the progress of a project. Which two groups of parameters should you configure prior to using the Hour utilization form? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Budget overrun default
B.    Budget control interval
C.    Definition of billable rate
D.    Definition of efficiency rate

Answer: CD

You create a new work breakdown structure (WBS) template. You then create a new activity in the WBS template and assign a resource to the activity. What happens if you add a child activity under the new activity?

A.    The child activity is added at the folder level.
B.    An error message is displayed stating that you must remove a worker resource from the selected activity.
C.    The child activity is added at the summary activity level.
D.    An error message is displayed stating that you cannot add the child activity.

Answer: D

You enter and post a vendor invoice. You do not know to which project to allocate the expenses. You need to ensure that the vendor invoice will be posted with basic information and transferred to an invoice pool for approval. Which method of managing incoming invoices should you use?

A.    invoice journal
B.    invoice register
C.    invoice approval journal
D.    invoice pool excluding posting

Answer: B

You have a project with multiple funding sources. You need to set up the allocation of funds in the project contract. How many funding sources can you select for rounding off the differences?

A.    one funding source for rounding off the differences is automatically selected and cannot be changed
B.    all funding sources on the project contract
C.    only the funding source with the lowest fund allocation percentage
D.    only the funding source with the highest or equal fund allocation percentage

Answer: B

You are responsible for a customer’s fixed-price project. The customer requests that you provide additional spare parts. The purchase of these spare parts falls outside the scope of the project. You need to ensure that the customer is charged for the spare parts. How should you create the sales order so that the customer is invoiced for the spare parts?

A.    Create the sales order by using a subproject of the type cost.
B.    Create the sales order by using a subproject of the type time and material.
C.    The sales order cannot be created because this is a fixed-price project.
D.    Create the sales order from the fixed-price project and ensure that the line property for the order lines is chargeable to the customer.

Answer: B

You set up a billing rule. Which line type option for the billing rule allows you to include or exclude indirect costs?

A.    fee
B.    milestone
C.    progress
D.    time and material
E.    unit of delivery

Answer: D

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